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Messages from Directors

Dr. Ajith Joy K

Managing Director
DDRC SRL Diagnostics Pvt.Ltd.
Greetings from DDRC SRL Diagnostics Private Limited.

As I reminiscent the years, I am filled with a sense of satisfaction that I have been associated with the graduation of diagnostic field from its nascent stage to the present technologically advanced industry in Kerala. Definitely as a developing country, India is making advances in the fields of technology, research, infrastructure and skilled manpower. However much of these advances are limited to metropolitan cities and urban areas. In healthcare too, such disparity exists. DDRC and SRL(fromerly Ranbaxy) joint venture in the state of Kerala, has established 73 branches in urban and rural areas of Kerala state such that the benefit of technological advancement reaches the maximum as far as medical diagnostics are concerned.

Reiterating the commitment of DDRC SRL to Quality and Good Clinical Laboratory Practices. Wishing you Good Health and Happiness

(Prof).Dr. M.Balaraman Nair

Medical Director & CEO
DDRC SRL Diagnostics Pvt.Ltd.

Greetings from DDRC SRL Diagnostics Private Limited.

Wishing you Good Health and Happiness.